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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

I remember very well how every Easter, my father would buy the precious, jewel-like chocolate eggs from Maison Lion D'Or for my mother and I.  Hers was always slightly bigger than mine, but then she was the Queen, and I was the Princess.

The famous chocolatier is still situated in Avenida Corrientes, and continues to produce these gems of chocolate.  Some eggs are up to several feet tall and worth thousands of dollars (or pesos, in this case).  They all come with surprises and even more chocolates inside.  Watch this video clip.  Even if you don't speak Spanish, the images are tantalizing by themselves.

Maison Lion D'Or, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is our own version, which we celebrated with a nice German chocolate egg I found at our local Aldi Supermarket.  Not bad, don't you think?

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