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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Champagne Diaries - Part 3: A visit to Les Halles in Troyes

     The last installment of my Champagne Diaries related to my trip to that region involved visiting the local market.  In France, any central city market is referred to as Les Halles (or "The Halls").  Reminiscent of the famous Les Halles of Paris, I visited the one in Troyes, which was just as well, as I was in serious need of exercise after my gourmet meal at La Mignardise (read all about that post here).

I thought I'd let the pictures speak for themselves.

The entrance to the eponymous market.

Truffle-stuffed quails.

Farm-made Chaource, one of the local cheeses of the region.

An assortment of home-made farm cheeses, made by the local fromager.
The smallest ones are no bigger than an olive.

Farm-made yoghurt, with flavours as exotic as Pear Vervena
and Tangerine-Almond.

Charcuterie at its best: from left to right, paté de foie, fromage de tête and boudin noir.

Vegetables of the highest quality.  No preservatives here!

A rare sort of mushroom which intrigued me to no end.  I would've loved it
in an omelette.

A tomato-anchovy tart that just made me want to dive into it.

Freshly caught fish.  From bottom to top: sardines from
Brittany, sardines from Provence and anchovies.

More fresh fish: clams scallops and oysters.  All in
their shells.

Hare and peacock! Still with their skins and feathers on respectively.
Merchants offer all kinds of products, including ready-made meals, like the soufflés and seafood
vol-au-vents in this picture.

Supreme-quality Charolais beef.

Ready-to-prepare rabbits.

Partridge and pheasant.

Home-made rabbit terrine and smoked slab bacon.

     My first visit to a French market left me absolutely dumbfounded.  It is certainly not for the faint of heart, yet the exuberance of it all consumes you.  Dare to visit one, and marvel in person.

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