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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My best things in life

     As the end of a new year approaches, I thought I'd reflect on what I consider my indulgences - past, present and future.  Some may consider this as my wish list for Father Christmas.  Why not?  A little hope never bothered anyone, did it?

Best place to live: I’d kill to have an apartment in Paris and a house in Provence for the summers and a cabin in the woods in the Auvergne.  I would have a nice vegetable garden, chickens of all kinds, ducks, geese, etc. so I can have a daily supply of eggs in all colours. 

Toujours Provence

Best meal: a nice selection of cheeses - cow, goat and sheepish blue, with cracker assortment and the best red wine I can afford.  Then, Neuhaus chocolates for dessert with a nice cappuccino made with crème bruleé flavoured beans and creamer.

Best way to relax: eating my “best meal” in bed, while watching a good movie.

Best piece of clothing I own: my St. John trench coat.  I bought it last year and wear it any chance I get (which in Florida is not very often).

Best blog: Lost past remembered.  She offers history of luscious food.  A sight and sigh for true epicureans.

Best inspiring individual: Princess Diana has inspired me throughout her lifetime.  Her contagious energy in the face of adversity was remarkable and her elegance unique and always impeccable.

Best music: I grew up on ABBA, and for years they were the only group I would listen to.  Nowadays I like Celine Dion, mostly for her positive attitude towards life and unrelenting character, and Adele for her absolute talent.

Glamorous ABBA

Best read: The murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie.  The first time I read it I didn’t know the twist at the end.  Christie broke the rules when she wrote it.  It is a book that you only need to read once, and the surprise hits you like a bucket of iced water.

Best TV:  This is so hard.  TV is really bad these days, especially in the U.S.  I like Mad Men and Sex and the City - both excellently written, and the reality TV show Giuliana & Bill; the latter because of the ridiculous way in which it is filmed, and the even more ridiculous way in which they handle themselves.

Best fashion designer: Alexander McQueen.  He possessed true genius.

Best beauty essential: False eyelashes!  I just discover this and have yet to master their application, but they give the biggest oomph to the eyes with minimal effort, even when one is utterly tired.

Best shop:  I have a love-affair with Anthropologie these days.  But I am counting my days till I get to visit Liwan, in Paris.  I have a feeling I will feel like buying the whole shop.

A shelf in Paris' Liwan

Best thing about blogging: it gives me a sense of freedom to express myself and my deepest feelings and opinions without any contrition.

Best thing in life: the moments of laughter with the people I love, anytime, anywhere.

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